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Gap Protection

What is GAP Insurance Protection and How Can it Help Truck Owners?

Gap insurance protection (also known as Guaranteed Auto Protection or GAP) is an insurance coverage that helps truck owners minimize the financial burden of financing or leasing a vehicle. It is designed to help cover the difference between the amount owed on a vehicle loan or lease and the amount the vehicle is worth if it is totalled or stolen. This coverage can also help cover the cost of a replacement vehicle if the original truck is deemed a total loss.

Gap insurance protection helps truck owners in several ways. First, it eliminates the need for them to pay out-of-pocket for a totalled or stolen vehicle if their existing insurance coverage does not fully cover the cost of replacement. Second, replacing a vehicle after an accident or theft relieves some financial burdens. Finally, gap insurance protects against the depreciating value of a vehicle over time. It helps to ensure that truck owners can get a fair market value for their vehicle if it is damaged or destroyed.

At Sonic, we want you to have the assurance that your most important investments are always secure with the right GAP Insurance plan. Our team of experts is here for you – let’s chat today and find a GAP Insurance plan that lets you rest easy knowing your investment is well-protected!

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GAP insurance for peace of mind
GAP Insurance Protection for peace of mind