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The Advantages of Investing in Certified Pre-Owned Commercial Trucks in Calgary

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When it comes to purchasing a commercial truck for your business, it’s a significant investment. While buying new might seem like the safest option, certified pre-owned (CPO) commercial trucks offer a fantastic middle-ground. If you’re in the Calgary area and want to save money without compromising on quality, this blog post is for you. We’re delving into the benefits and features of certified pre-owned commercial trucks in Calgary and why they’re a smart investment.

What Does ‘Certified Pre-Owned’ Mean?

  • Inspection and Reconditioning: CPO trucks undergo rigorous multi-point inspections to ensure they meet manufacturer’s standards. Any faulty parts are replaced or repaired.
  • Warranty: Most CPO trucks come with an extended warranty, assuring you of limited financial risk.
  • History Report: A comprehensive vehicle history report lets you know the truck’s background, including any prior accidents or issues.

Industry Stats: Why CPO Trucks are Gaining Popularity

  • According to J.D. Power, the average price of a new heavy-duty truck rose by 8-10% in the last year.
  • Studies suggest that the CPO commercial truck market has grown by approximately 12% annually in North America.
  • About 30% of truck buyers in Canada now consider certified pre-owned as a viable option.

The Benefits of Buying Certified Pre-Owned in Calgary

Quality Assurance

  • Mechanical Integrity: CPO trucks are fully inspected, ensuring that the vehicle you purchase is in excellent working condition.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: These trucks also receive cosmetic refurbishments, making them as close to new as possible.

Financial Benefits

  • Cost-Effectiveness: You can save up to 30% when you buy a CPO truck compared to new models.
  • Financing Rates: Many dealerships offer competitive financing rates for certified pre-owned commercial trucks.

Dependability and Longevity

  • Reduced Downtime: The thorough inspections reduce the risk of breakdowns, saving you both time and money.
  • Long-term Investment: With proper care, a CPO truck can be a long-term investment for your business.

What to Look for When Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Commercial Truck

  • Check the Certification Standards: Make sure the dealership’s certification process is thorough and adheres to manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Review the Vehicle History: Make sure the history report is consistent with the vehicle’s condition.
  • Compare Pricing: Do your research to ensure that the pricing is competitive for the Calgary market.

Why Calgary Is the Ideal Place for CPO Commercial Trucks and Trailers

Calgary, being one of the primary hubs for trade and commerce in Alberta, has a burgeoning market for heavy-duty trucks and trailers. Several reliable dealerships offer a range of certified pre-owned commercial trucks, making it easier for businesses to make a smart investment.


If you’re in the Calgary, Alberta area and are looking to purchase a commercial truck, consider opting for a certified pre-owned vehicle. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also be investing in a reliable and quality-assured vehicle that will serve your business well for years to come.

For more information on how you can invest in a certified pre-owned commercial truck in Calgary, feel free to reach out to us. At Sonic, we offer an extensive range of heavy-duty trucks and trailers, all certified to meet rigorous standards of quality and reliability.

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